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We are a Workplace Innovation Platform software development team that can work with you to develop custom apps to improve business processes such as inventory, invoicing, purchase orders, mobile apps, production tracking, customers, vendors, credit card processing, emailing, text messaging, bar coding, shipping, merged documents, labels, envelopes, time and attendance and so much more.



At TMS Software, LLC, we are active supporters of our local chapter of the FileMaker developer's group (FMPUG).  FMPUG meets the first Friday of the month and more info is at www.fmpugdallas.com  You may  see some of our commuity shared solutions by clicking on the "Contact Us" in the top right and then click on "Community" tab.





You have an old database that is showing its age or has become difficult to stay flexible with your day to day needs

The world is on the go! Is your database? Create, edit and lookup what you need from smartphone and tablet devices

You're still keeping track of everything with spreadsheets or ledger and need something that can adequately meet your needs




Simple solutions that can be deployed quickly without the need of an IT staff or perhaps without bothering with an IT staff that works for a big corporation.

Security is a big deal in today's business and a database can afford many ways to keep your information in the right hands at the right time

Get organized with your paperwork and gain power by managing file storage in a database you can access from anywhere


Disaster Recovery

2-Factor Authentication

Quickbooks Schema



There are many remote backups options to the "cloud" by many cloud hosting companies. We now offer cloud backups of FileMaker solutions, but with a FileMaker benefit. We offer that if you have a disaster at your location, we will begin hosting your remote backup solution on our server so that in the event of a disaster, you just let us know what has happened and we will promote your backup solution to a live server on our FileMaker server until you can restore services to your location. Most solutions are just $30 a month. Contact us if he can help you with backup and disaster recovery plans. We can also help with Security plans.

We can offer additional security by setting up 2 factor authentication for your FileMaker solutions. You already have a single factor authentication when you log in with a User ID and password. The second factor authentication would be validating the computer that you are using. Computers have a type of serial number or VIN called a Persistent ID. The 2nd factor would allow only authorized computers to connect. If you need to add a new computer, you can approve the new hardware in your database or you can have the system automatically send an email with code to authorize use of the new hardware. But this code can only be sent to employees with a known company email address. With 2 Factor authentication, even if someone from overseas gets your User ID and password, they would not be able to access your database. The cost for two factor authentication is $500 per server and $25 for each additional database on the server.  Note that due to limitations with FileMaker security, this 2nd factor authentication is performed at the scripting level and not the security level.



It is a frequent request to exchange information between the Quickbooks application and FileMaker. Knowing and understanding the Quickbooks schema can help. Since we found ourselves regularly recreating the Quickbooks schema in FileMaker, we decided to develop FileMaker solution that has all of the Quickbooks schema in it AND has the ability to update it according to the www.QODBC.com web site that maintains the latest Quickbooks schema. The database is available to download here with the updates as of October 2015. You can erase re-run the udpate script to find new fields in the schema, but the update script requires the Monkey Break Software plugin to work. We hope this helps you with any Quickbooks projects you have. QB Schema File (uu encoded) (November 2015) Note that this is not the schema associated with Quickbooks Online.  UPDATE: Quickbooks online now has an API to talk with FileMaker via fmQBO from Geist Interactive.  We recommend this API as an effective way to share information between FileMaker and Quickbooks Online.

Security is only becoming more and more important with time as the bad guys are always looking for ways to break in, especially if you solution is available over the Wide Area Network (e.g. "internet").  We address many of our client's security needs through encryption in transfer with SSL technologies and Encryption at Rest for data stored locally on a drive.  We support authentications to Directory Services as well as some OAuth authenticators (Amazon, Google, Microsoft).  We help our clients navigate their security needs!

A number of our clients use Macs and we are a Mac friendly business. Apple's operating system has been less vulnerable than Windows and because of this, many Mac users have been lax about security. We encourage our clients to keep up with the OS security updates and be no more than 1 version back from the current OS from Apple.  This is important if staff are using computers to manage mission critical business information.


We are a team of Business Process Engineers specializing in designing secure custom applications and solutions for businesses, making mobile solutions for iPads and iPhones, and dynamic web pages.  We work closely with your business team to help determine the best ways to manage business processes and utilize solutions to meet your information needs.


Many of our clients need to integrate data sources and information from divergent platforms.  We have experience integrating these sources using such tools as RESTful APIs, ODBC/JDBC connections, etc.


We have a special appreciation for the Mac platform, but equally support Windows and Mac platforms in our solutions, as well as the iOS platform.  And we support secure web pages for browsers.



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We are active in the software development community and development networks, help manage a local users group, and many of our developers are certified in their areas or proficiency.


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